In Half Life Forster documents a detailed study of corporate survival trends, and examines and extends the existing landscapes, tools, models and indexes used to monitor the corporate life cycle. Forster goes on to describe the creation of a new business fitness landscape model, introduces two new business risk parameters, creates a new business diversity fitness index, and completes a macro analysis of the extinction rates associated with the 100 largest corporations in the United States. With these new tools Forster establishes a new model for viewing the mean life and half life of large corporations and for studying the impact that related and unrelated diversification in industry participation has on a corporation's effective lifespan. Forster suggests that established corporations don't survive just by being the fittest, but that they survive rapid discontinuous change by finding a new optimum position in a new business fitness landscape.
The book "HALF LIFE" ...
Other Publications

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Some Review Comments on "Half Life"

"In this book, written with both brio and Cartesian rigor, Forster focuses on the phenomenon of the decay of large corporations and draws from multidisciplinary metrics and analogies to propose a groundbreaking methodology. This methodology leads to surprising results and identifies a key contributing factor to the survival of the world’s most successful corporations. Forster´s Half Life is a meticulous piece of work, resulting in a powerful set of highly usable new tools, and some fascinating conclusions."

- Fares Nassar, CEO, Lotier International

“Half Life is an inspiring book for anyone concerned with forecasting the future of large corporations. Its underlying thesis brings a new perspective for looking at the giant players in all industries. Its observations on the effects of discontinuous change have special relevance to the energy business.”

- Dr Claude Cahen, Renewable Energy

“Half Life reveals that the old theory of buy and hold, even with respect to blue-chip stocks, is a very dangerous strategy. There is no place now for a set-it and forget-it strategy since the effective life of even the largest and best run corporation is surprisingly short. Forster’s book is a valuable read for any savvy investor with a mathematical inclination.”

- Dr. Ivan Vachovsky, Founder, Aplus.Net and Rodopi Software

“Using new thinking and complex statistical modeling, Forster presents a new way of looking at highly successful organizations. For anyone wanting to take a scholarly look at the survival trends of the American corporation, Half Life is the starting point.”

- Dr. Brad Phillips, President and CEO, IEBC

“For a successful company, few decisions are as difficult as the decision to change. Half Life encourages its reader to apply individual experience against new fitness indices, providing new insights and objective analyses at both the macro and micro levels. Half Life has lessons that will not decay.”

- Dr Steve Zeigler, Principal Technologist, Wind River

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