Techuvise and Sunkosi work together as independent business partners with the common goal of providing you a one stop shop for implementing your software development projects. With Sunkosi project management and Techuvise contract engineers we will work together to ensure the success of your project.

Techuvise provide software technology advice and services. They provide Project Management contracting services, software project off-shoring, and Company Agent services. They specialize in Android platforms, embedded Linux platforms, and networking software. In summary, together Sunkosi and Techuvise can bring you the benefits of outsourcing without the headaches and issues associated with outsourcing.

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Airstream Innovations, Inc. was founded in 2006 by David Chelf to capitalize on an inexpensive, but very effective and efficient, structure which he invented. This is the world’s first wind-assisted, air-supported and ventilated structure. The structure can be configured for growing crops, raising chickens, aquaculture, sports, storage, and many other applications.

Airstream Innovations and Sunkosi work together as independent business partners to deliver technology options associated with Airstream Innovations' air-supported structures.

The Institute for Evidence-Based Change (IEBC) is a nationally-recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to improving academic success for all students. Using data and collaboration IEBC engages stakeholders in crafting evidence-based solutions for change. The IEBC’s commitment to evidence-based change reflects its extensive and successful experience with a collaborative, action research-based model that links data across educational segments. This evidence-based model, and IEBC guidance gives faculty and others the timely, relevant information they need to collaborate, develop, implement, and evaluate strategies that improve a students’ transition to a successful career.

IEBC and Sunkosi work together as independent business partners to implement projects associated with IEBC’s services.

Parallel Computing Labs specializes in creating innovative algorithms, software, and hardware to quickly and efficiently uncover critical decision making information from "big-data". Parallel Computing Labs' optimized multi-core, multi-kernel vector technology has application in genomics, bioinformatics, and BWA alignment analysis.

Parallel Computer Labs and Sunkosi work together as independent business ​​partners to provide clients the technology, subject matter experts, and project and business management skills your Company needs to differentiate yourself in the marketplace.

Oxford International, a Division of On Assignment, proactively recruits and comprehensively interviews a continuous stream of critically skilled software and hardware engineers for targeted markets. Their recruiting and interviewing expertise distinguishes Oxford from the crowd and delivers unmatched value to their clients. They stay vital and differentiated by constantly seeking, finding, and serving the heart of selected niche markets.

Oxford and Sunkosi work together as independent business partners to deliver the key resources you need for your project.

"It takes two flints to make a fire". Louisa May Alcott
EffectiveSoft is a custom software development company headquartered in San Diego, California and with development facilities located in Minsk, Belarus. EffectiveSoft has over 250 skilled specialists delivering full SDLC development services with special emphasis on the Microsoft stack, Java, PHP, and mobile technologies.

EffectiveSoft and Sunkosi work together as independent business partners to deliver the key resources you need for your project.