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"For every complex project there's a simple approach, ... but it's wrong."   Geoffrey P Forster
Over 80% of large projects fail in one fundamental way or another. In other words, as far as key stakeholders are concerned, the project did not achieve the stated or unstated objectives within the given budget or time. One solution is: don't do large projects! Or if you must do a large project, break it down to a series of smaller projects.

SunKosi consultants suggest that there are multiple factors that ensure project success. These factors usually include:

1. Clearly defined objectives
2. Documented stakeholder commitment
3. Effective estimation and risk management
4. Leverage the best team with the skills to get the job done
5. Avoid scope creep
6. Monitor and verify progress by leveraging demonstrable deliverables over multiple iterations
7. Use information radiators to continually communicate progress, direction, and blockages

All of these factors imply, if not presuppose, the key role played by the project manager, team leader, scrum master, manager, interim executive or whatever label suits you and your project. The bottom line is that if you want to get the job done you must start with a true servant leader! The servant leader's job is not to be the subject matter expert. It is the servant leader's job to empower, conduct, and coordinate the subject matter experts. You need the best servant leader you can find to provide the environment the resource scalars need to turn themselves into coordinated vectors.

A resource is a scalar as they have an inherent capability but not necessarily an inherent direction. A manager's job is to turn scalers into vectors by helping scalars to add direction to their inherent capability.

SunKosi guarantees our managers. If you feel that within the first 25% of the project hours, or in the first week of the project, whatever occurs first, you don't believe the contract manager has the skills to ensure your project success, then simply document your concerns in writing, give us a chance to respond, and if you still believe it is not going to work, we will terminate the project and we will not charge you for those initial professional hours.
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